Wednesday, 7 November 2018

2018 Manaiakalani Film Festival Movie: Tired Eyes

Have you ever stayed awake a little too late before coming to school? Well, the year 5 students at Pt England have learnt that sometimes when you stay up a little too late your eyes can play tricks on you and you see something that may (or may not) have actually been there.

After watching our video, we'd love to hear from you in our comments about a time your eyes played tricks on you and you thought you saw something that wasn't really there.

We hope you enjoy our 2018 Manaiakalani Film Festival Movie "Tired Eyes."

Friday, 26 October 2018

Team 4 Wet your Teacher Challenge

Today, the students of Team 4 were given an opportunity to take part in a fun challenge. The year 5 students headed out to the lower field, passing the year 6 classes and their soaking wet teachers on the way. Upon arriving at the field, they were greeted by two of our Assistant Principals, Mr Jacobson and Mr. Somerville.  Both of the Assistant principals were wearing gum boots and bright orange hi-vests.

Students were asked to sit in 9 different lines as their teaching preparing and sat in three chairs just down the field.

Students were given many opportunities to line up, soak a sponge and then launch it at their teacher.  Students had so much fun watching their teachers get soaked and laughing with their friends until morning tea.

Here are a few pictures from our exciting day!  We hope you enjoy them nearly as much as we enjoyed our fun morning!
Mrs. Moala is all ready in her swim gear


We even squeezed our sponges out on the teacher's heads before returning them to the buckets!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Term 4 Testing Begins!

Today, the students of Team 4 began their term 4 testing with their writing test.  Students have been working very hard all year to perfect their writing skills focusing on writing a recount.  Hopefully, the students of Ako 3 (rooms 9 & 10) remembered to write using past tense, while using time connectives and descriptive language to write their recounts!

The students of Ako 3 working on this morning on their writing tests.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Niuean Language Week 2018

This week was Niue Language Week and the culture group did a fantastic job representing Niue today at our school assembly.  We were especially proud of Siakupega in Ako 3 today as he led part of the item. 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Vodafone Warriors Visit PES

This afternoon, the students at Pt England were blessed with a visit from representatives from the Vodafone Warriors.  We had fun cheering for our team as we played games to learn more about keeping ourselves healthy and fit.  Thank you for coming in Warriors!  We love when you visit our school!

Welcome Warriors!

Playing a healthy breakfast game

Friday, 10 August 2018

Life Ed Caravan

This week, we were able to have our first Life Ed Caravan visit, which meant we were able to spend some time learning from our good friends Lynn and Harold. We enjoyed learning about what it looks like to live a healthy lifestyle and we loved hearing Lynn share similar topics to those that we are learning about in literacy like the dimensions of Hauora.

Ms Lynn teaching us about our healthy bodies.

Mrs Moala was so excited to be visiting Harold and his friends again this term!

Harold always shows us a great movie

We were so surprised to see the elements of Hauora on the wall of the caravan! Our classroom learning has expanded into what we were learning with Ms Lynn and Harold!

Moui enjoyed dancing and singing along to Harold Karaoke at the end of of our session.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Term 3: Move 'Ya Body

This term, the students at Pt England will be studying Physical Health and Movement in our Inquiry Topic called "Move 'Ya Body."  The students of Ako 3 (and Team 4) will be focusing on improving our overall health by finding ways to move our bodies during class through daily runs, jump jam sessions, and sports. We will also take a Beep Test at the beginning of the term and again at the end of the term to monitor our progress.  Each class on Team 4 will also be challenged to create their very own game that they will be having other students play later in the term.

Please enjoy the movie made by the Team 4 teachers for our school Immersion Assembly on Day1 of Term 3.