Monday, 14 September 2020

Everyday Theatre Workshop

 Today, Room 1 had an amazing opportunity to hang out with "Soy Sauce" from Everyday Theatre. She walked us through a fun interactive production game. Due to the Covid restrictions, the theatre group did a marvellous job adapting their script and follow up tasks to provide a fun and informative session. The name of the production was "The Family Game Reloaded." We learnt about six different characters that surrounded the day to day life story of a family going through some hard times. We were able to help the family come up with ways to help their situation and we had a fun day as a class doing so. 

Friday, 28 August 2020

Serving Others During the Lockdown

As our country is back in level 3 lockdown, the need around our community continues to grow. I was so happy to receive a text from Antzel's mum asking for him to be excused from his Te Reo Class Google Meet earlier this week because he was out delivering food parcels. What a great thing to be doing Antzel! We are so proud of you! 


Today I helped my mum and poppy to deliver food boxes to families who are in need of food. I made sure I wore my mask, my gloves and also kept my distance. 

I feel very happy, seeing families happy when the got the food boxes, especially the children. It is a blessing to help others. Thanks to those who are involved with helping families.

By Antzel.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Matariki Fish

After reading "The Star Fishes" George completed his Create Task. He made origami fish with Uncle Tyson. Check out his blog post below and then click here to go to George's blog to leave him a comment.
Today me and Tyson made  origami fish.  ya :) and it was cool. Look at my origami fish!

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Thank You Rotary Club of Auckland South!

Today, the students of Team 5 were blessed by the Rotary Club of Auckland South with a special surprise. They each received a magazine packet to take home and enjoy.

Thank you Rotary Club of Auckland South!

Friday, 19 June 2020

Exciting New at our School Assembly

Exciting News at our School Assembly

Today At  Pt England School There was a surprise from the crowd it was a famous boxer, and a special guest. He’s Name  was Joseph Parker and his sister was amazing . Joseph Parker Had a korero about his career . He had said “ BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” “NOTHING  BEATS HARD WORK” .  When his speech was finished we had a Duffy award . Students from Pt England school ( which is my school) started a Duffy award so  this is when students from different classes got caught being good during the week or this term. Jason Parker and Elizabeth they were Shaking hands to people who were given the Duffy award . Students in my class have gotten rubber bands that say Jeep on it from Joseph Parker and Elizabeth Parker and their special Autograph. This was an amazing and unforgettable experience I had ever had. Thank you for Coming to our school . Thank you so much we really appreciate it.
Joseph Parker gets double boost before fight | issues a stumbling block for ambitious Joseph Parker ...

Thursday, 4 June 2020

SandArt Literacy


Today in literacy we watched a sand artist tell a story
on a light board, first he drew an eye after that he
drew a woman on her/his undereye and a male below
her/his upper eye. After that he used the sand to
make it look like it was raining. He then drew a maori
carving or face. He also drew a person in the corner
with sand. After he drew a picture that looked like
one tree hill or a mountain .  

Friday, 29 May 2020

Samoan Language Week

Here on Team 5 we have really enjoyed celebrating Samoan Language Week this week. We  have been blessed to learn two new hymns that we sang regularly during the week.

Here are videos that we have created with the help of our lovely Samoan Fiafia group. The words are included in case you would like to sing along.