Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fonterra Moo-Juicers

Class 24 sure is lucky!  Thanks to Fonterra Milk in Schools we are becoming amazing "Moo-Juicers!"
Leah and Sauma are "Drinking It Dry!"

We love our "Moo-Juice!"

We learnt how to tilt our box and stick the straw into the corner to help us "Drink It Dry!"

We are learning how to push our straws out from the top, and fold our milk boxes the correct way.  Perhaps someday you'll see a movie showing Class 24 students fold their boxes in under 10 seconds just like in the Fonterra movie we watched in class!

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  1. Hi Class 24, wow you all like you are having so much fun with Mrs Moala. The students in class 17 are getting really good at folding up their milk cartons.....I don't know if they can do it in under 10 seconds though. Be happy and stay cool kids of Class 24 :)