Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thank you, Spark!

Class 24 spends a lot of time working hard to have pride in ourselves, our work, our classroom and our school.

We have pride in ourselves when we are a good friend to everyone, and we use our words to say what we are feeling in a nice way.

We have pride in our work when we take our time to complete our assignments.  We work hard to remember to form our letters correctly and use finger spaces in between our words.  We also make sure that when we are colouring we use the correct colours and try our best not to scribble.

We have pride in our classroom when we make sure we put things away in the right place after playing with them.  We also try our best to keep the floor and our tables nice and tidy, and we are working hard to remember to push in our chairs when we stand up.

We are also learning to have pride in our school and our school grounds.  We try our best to keep our outside bay clean, and we rotate cleaning it up every afternoon.  Recently, we have decided that we want to be sure that we have a very nice garden to look at, and we have the amazing people at Spark (formally Telecom) to thank for that!  They spent an entire day working on the grounds of Pt. England School, and part of that day was spent making our class garden look amazing!

We had fun watching the workers add new mulch to our garden bed, and Bryston was even lucky enough to get a wheelbarrow ride from a very nice volunteer!

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