Monday, 18 August 2014

Presents from the USA!

Class 24 had so much fun using their new Dr. Suess pencils and animal stencils today!  They worked very hard to create their very own pictures.

Bryston, Sauma and Keyana are so excited to sharpen their new pencils!

Working hard to outline their animal shapes using the new stencils.

Exodus S. and Cherish both have blue pencils!

We had to carefully punch out the shapes to make the stencils usable.

Students had to decide to use the outside of the shape or the inside of the stencil.

All of our drawing was done in pencil before we were able to add colour.

Persia even added an amazing "Zoo" archway across her paper all by herself!
Be sure to check back another day to see some of our finished products!

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  1. We look forward to seeing the finished drawings. :-)