Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Birthday Mrs. Tele'a!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Tele'a
By: Lizara

Today is the day when our most cleverest teacher in all of team 5, will be having the most wonderful day of her life, at Pt England school. So all the students in the year 7 and 8 block will be giving her a secret surprise when the clock strikes 10 past 9 (9:10). We were split up into our literacy groups (writing and reading groups) and waiting for the, “Siva Samoa”.

“Ohh” I didn’t tell you what and who the celebration was all about, and why our teacher Mrs Tele’a, was going to have to best day of her life. We sang the happy birthday song to her in the morning with her gifts, which was a delicious chocolate cake, a bottle of wine that she was a loud to drink at school if she wanted to and a packet of lollies.

“Yeeehaaa, cheer hoooo” said the boys who were starting up the samoan dance, or as I should say the siva samoa. It was a cultural performance, that all the teachers joined part of it even though 1 of our teachers didn’t know it, but 2 of our teachers were just videoing the performance to cherish this moment from then and now on.

Mr Wiseman and Miss Peato joined in with the siva samoa. Some of the students joined in, my best friend Quasia was doing the samoan cultural dance as well as everyone else. Miss Peato lay down with her tummy facing the ground and then Mrs Tele’a stood on top of her and jumped over. Then everyone just carried on dancing, until the song finished. It was the most happiest time of the day even though it was raining.

Suddenly the song finished and then everyone was clapping and saying, singing “happy birthday to you”. Then everyone went back into the literacy classrooms ready for our writing task. Hoping that we were not going to be distracted by the awesome performance that was held for Mrs Tele’a.