Thursday, 31 July 2014

Amazing learning and Visitors

Class 24 is so smart!  We have been playing a fun maths game on our iPads called Slide, and we are getting so good at recognising our numbers using fingers and dots.  We had some special visitors from all over New Zealand visit our class today, and they joined in our game.  Israel and Peni are so smart, they were able to beat the visiting teachers!  Amazing job boys!

Peni and Israel playing Slide with our visiting teachers.
 Siu and Cherish were both so proud of the sentences they wrote yesterday, and they wanted to share them on our blog.  Amazing job Siu and Cherish!

Siu is so proud of the sentence he wrote all by himself!

"The astronaut is on the moon."

Cherish is so proud of the sentence she wrote and the picture she drew to go with it!

"Dora is jumping."

Class 24 Athletes

During Term 3 we are learning what it means to be a champion.  We are also training for our school Cross Country race later this term, and learning how to do gymnastics with our fabulous coach!
We had gymnastics with Class 25 this week.
Look how well we are listening to coach!
Alexus practicing her dismount on the trampoline.

We learnt how to do forward rolls.

Check out Keyana's forward roll!

Coach is giving Sauma some helpful hints.

Team 1 is practicing for Cross Country everyday after morning tea.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Amazing Work!

Today, the students of Class 24 were writing a sentence for the first time on their own!  After looking at some pictures of a gymnast, and having a discussion with their partner, students shared what they saw in the pictures.  Some students even had fun on KidPix drawing their own pictures of gymnasts doing handstands, backflips, and jumping through the air!  

Bryston did an amazing job writing his very first sentence all on his own!
We are so proud of you Bryston!

Check out this gymnast doing a handstand!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Farewell Friends...

Term three started this week and Class 24 has been working very hard all week long!  We are so sad that we had to say farewell to a few of our classmates.  Two boys have moved into a brand new class at Pt. England School, and we are so excited that we still get to see Motekiai and Teejay during playtime.  We have also enjoyed meeting all of their new friends from Class 25!

Sadly, we have to say good-bye to Marley today as well.  We are going to miss seeing Marley's happy face everyday!  He has become a great friend to all the students in Class 24!  Marley we wish you the best at your new school!  Keep being awesome!

Marley's last day at Pt. England School.

We sent Marley off with a great big Class 24 hug!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pyjama Party!

Class 24 had a very special day to celebrate the end of their first term at Pt. England School.  We wore our pyjamas to school and we did lots of fun activities all day long!  Check out the movie that we made showing how our day went!

PJ Party 2014 from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Reading Celebration!

Class 24 is so excited to celebrate the reading of Leah, Teingoa, and Israel this week!  All three of these students love reading their books, and are always eager to get a new story to read.  They have also been working very hard to learn the words on their reading lists. Great job guys!  We are so proud of you!

Thank you, Spark!

Class 24 spends a lot of time working hard to have pride in ourselves, our work, our classroom and our school.

We have pride in ourselves when we are a good friend to everyone, and we use our words to say what we are feeling in a nice way.

We have pride in our work when we take our time to complete our assignments.  We work hard to remember to form our letters correctly and use finger spaces in between our words.  We also make sure that when we are colouring we use the correct colours and try our best not to scribble.

We have pride in our classroom when we make sure we put things away in the right place after playing with them.  We also try our best to keep the floor and our tables nice and tidy, and we are working hard to remember to push in our chairs when we stand up.

We are also learning to have pride in our school and our school grounds.  We try our best to keep our outside bay clean, and we rotate cleaning it up every afternoon.  Recently, we have decided that we want to be sure that we have a very nice garden to look at, and we have the amazing people at Spark (formally Telecom) to thank for that!  They spent an entire day working on the grounds of Pt. England School, and part of that day was spent making our class garden look amazing!

We had fun watching the workers add new mulch to our garden bed, and Bryston was even lucky enough to get a wheelbarrow ride from a very nice volunteer!

Friends and Fun

Class 24 works so hard learning new things everyday!  However, we still have time to build relationships and have lots of fun when we play with our friends!
Siu, Teingoa, and Keyana worked together to make this amazing structure.
Did you notice that you could crawl under it?

Leah and Persia are enjoying some quiet time colouring in their unicorn pictures.

Bryston made this amazing truck all by himself!

Exodus T. and Israel are all smiles playing our new favourite maths app "Slide"

We've had lots of rainy days this week, so here we are watching a fun cartoon during lunch.