Thursday, 31 July 2014

Amazing learning and Visitors

Class 24 is so smart!  We have been playing a fun maths game on our iPads called Slide, and we are getting so good at recognising our numbers using fingers and dots.  We had some special visitors from all over New Zealand visit our class today, and they joined in our game.  Israel and Peni are so smart, they were able to beat the visiting teachers!  Amazing job boys!

Peni and Israel playing Slide with our visiting teachers.
 Siu and Cherish were both so proud of the sentences they wrote yesterday, and they wanted to share them on our blog.  Amazing job Siu and Cherish!

Siu is so proud of the sentence he wrote all by himself!

"The astronaut is on the moon."

Cherish is so proud of the sentence she wrote and the picture she drew to go with it!

"Dora is jumping."


  1. Great writing and drawing :-)

  2. Siu
    I love how your story matches your picture.
    You know so many words and have a perfect fullstop to end your sentence. I can see that you are ready to start leaving spaces between your words now. Keep up the great writing.
    Mrs Mitchell
    Pt Chevalier School