Friday, 20 November 2015

Film Festival Recount

By Lizara Year 8

Are you a part of the Manaiakalani family? Well Manaiakalani is a place where people enjoy watching movies and experiencing what other schools do compared to the school you go to. Usually every year my school “Pt England” go with “Tamaki College” but this year we are going with a school that has never been to one of these before. Which is “Ruapotaka primary and intermediate school”.

Some schools usually just make 10-15 movies but our school makes over 20 movies because it is based on each class room. So every year their school principals or teachers pick 2 people from their school to present in front of everyone to show and tell what their movie will be about. And my class presenters were me and one of my best friends Quasia. Manaiakalani has always been held in one place which is in “Sylvia Park at the cinemas”.

As we all sat on the mat in the street with our bags at 12.30pm, and our teachers trying to tell us how we need to act normal and do the right thing by striving to succeed in the cinemas. We all made our way to the buses that were waiting outside for us and we made our way to Sylvia Park to watch amazing and creative movies.

As we made our way there everyone besides the presenters had to sit in the front to get ready to present and show off our movie that we created as a class. Halfway through the movie this Tamaki College girl named “Gloria” presented a short film that shows everyone who is a year 8 and is going to Tamaki college can get a scholarship. When we finished watching all the movies after about an hour and a half I honestly think that room 2 had an awesome movie based on how you need to keep clean and always wash your germs away before touching someone or something.

As soon as we finished going to Manaiakalani we made our way back to the buses to go back to school. And as we went back to school we started doing our practice for the year 8 prize giving performance. I honestly think that this year was the best year ever but I would like to be a presenter for College again because it was so much fun this year especially facing my fair.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

2015 Film Festival

This year Class 4 decided to do our comedy version of New Zealand's favourite tv show Shortland Street! We hope you enjoy watching our movie! We had a lot of fun putting it together for this year's Manaiakalani Film Festival!