Monday, 26 May 2014

Special Treats!

Yummy, yummy...!  

Class 24 was given a special surprise treat today!  Before we were able to enjoy our treat, we had lots of fun talking with our partners about what we saw, felt, and tasted. We then shared our findings with the class and Mrs. Moala helped us to write a story describing our yummy, yummy treat!  We even made a special movie to share our story and to thank Mrs. Flavelle!

Marshmellows from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Amazing KidPix Artists!

Class 24 has been working hard to become the best KidPix artists they can be!  Every Friday afternoon Mrs. Festler comes in to give lessons to small groups, and the students work hard during the week to produce amazing pictures.

Keyana just started school this week, and she is learning to use the paint can to fill in the different shapes Mrs. Festler helped her draw.

Israel and Amelia worked hard to illustrate the story that the students of Class 24 wrote earlier in the week.  They made sure his giraffe had brown spots, four legs and a smiley face.  Then, they added a tail to help keep the flies away!  Can you see the BIG flies in their pictures?


Friday, 16 May 2014

Elephant Story

Class 24 is learning how to be amazing story writers!  We worked hard all week long on our "Elephant Story."  First, we talked with our partners about the elephant we saw during our team trip to the zoo.  Then, we shared our thoughts with the class and we turned our ideas into sentences.  Mrs. Moala helped us learn how to recite our story, and we worked hard all week learning how to read it to our class.  We also wrote our story, and drew some pictures in our new Kiwi Writing Books!

Jemma has amazing details added to her picture.
Kauri made sure to show a wall in his picture and check out the water the elephant is spraying!
We have also been working hard to learn motions to help us read and remember our story.

What a fun Friday!

 Class 24 had an amazing Friday!  At the school assembly, Exodus and Bryston were welcomed to Pt. England School by Mr. Burt, and they received their cool Duffy School Packs!
  Jemma received our special Duffy "Caught Being Good" Award for her amazing effort when writing and illustrating her elephant story.

After the Assembly, we got to play outside with the Get, Set, Go! coaches from Auckland Sport!  We had a great time learning how to balance, and playing the fun Flies and Frogs, and Pirate Ship games.

Check us out trying to balance without using our hands
or our feet!  Can you think of another way to balance
without using your hands or feet?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fonterra Moo-Juicers

Class 24 sure is lucky!  Thanks to Fonterra Milk in Schools we are becoming amazing "Moo-Juicers!"
Leah and Sauma are "Drinking It Dry!"

We love our "Moo-Juice!"

We learnt how to tilt our box and stick the straw into the corner to help us "Drink It Dry!"

We are learning how to push our straws out from the top, and fold our milk boxes the correct way.  Perhaps someday you'll see a movie showing Class 24 students fold their boxes in under 10 seconds just like in the Fonterra movie we watched in class!

Monday, 5 May 2014


Today was our first day of school!  We started our day at the Term 2 School Assembly and we found out that our team is going to the Auckland Zoo tomorrow!  Mr. Burt even gave us a special present to help us "Move it...move it!"

We love our new rugby balls from Mr. Burt!

After we talked about our trip to the zoo, we coloured in a picture of a Tiger!  We were sure to colour nicely and not scribble.

We also spent part of our day, learning about how to be a good Pt. Englander and the Pt. England Way!  Today, we learned about sharing.  We hope you enjoy the pictures of us sharing in class!