Friday, 31 March 2017

Team 3 is Just Dancing!

Check out the students of Team 3 enjoying some Just Dance in the hall for our team athletics this week

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A Work of Art

As seen on Eva's Blog:

A part of Te Taiao o Tamaki our reading were reading a play called a work of art in the play some students found piles of rubbish at the park and diced to pick it up and put it in the bins unflinchingly the piles of rubbish were actually a piece of instillation art to remind people of what being a guardian of there community  just like we are learning about kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoua this year as a school we are the guardian of our environment next we read a new articular artist in  about artist in Auckland who had there installation art removed because someone thought that it was a pile of rubbish constructed by the homeless for shelter. 

Looking at all our new Chromebook boxes we decided to make our own instillation art we had so much fun working together to create our very own sky tower using the Chromebook boxes.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Welcome Mrs. Grady!

This past week, the students of Room 11 have been blessed to work with Mrs. Grady.  Mrs. Grady is a student teacher from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa and she will be with us for until the end of the term.

Mrs. Grady reading a chapter of our class novel aloud to the Room 11 Literacy ako.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Juia: New Zealand Birds

As seen on Julia's Blog:

i learnt about birds about piwakawaka kereru and karearea. Then i learnt about how they move piwakawak turns quickly when they fly we also call them fantails. i also learnt about karearea they also fly fast as a car.    

Cree Ann: The River Talks

As seen on Cree Ann's Blog:

My whole class and the year 8s went down to the Creek so we can see people from different countries performing what talent they got and why we need to do to look after our lovely creek.At first,there was a man that introduced us to everybody that was performing. His name was Tamati and he was wearing waders so the yuck water didn’t get on him. When he was done introducing us to them,we watched this lady pretending to make a fire, so she can pretend to burn the  that lived in the river like, dead lady's dress but not for real. The lady that was making a fire was singing a scary song that I was kind of scared of, but Then she stopped and the other lady stopped dancing.then it was time to go to the next thing.The next thing we saw was a man and two ladies, talking about our river to see what we could do to help our river. So they sang a lovely song about the river. After that, we listened to the man that was talking about the fish and all the other stuff that lived in our river like ducks, but most importantly our kaimoana cause apparently they have been getting sick that's why we need to look after our kaimoana and all the other stuff that lived there.
Meanwhile, before we left the creek, we watched Mr Vogt do his speech about the weta hotels that we made. He said if you make one of these  the hang it on the harakeke bush because wherever you hang it the birds will see it and then eat them. { which is sad} but after that we watch these cook islander play the drums about the river. There sound effect  sounded AWESOME but then it was lunch time and we had to go back to school. It was so cool that I wanted to go again but we couldn't because they have to go to a diffrent school I think?

Monday, 6 March 2017

Special Visitors

Today, we were very blessed to have Mr. Moran's grandpa and his wife (Mr. Moran's special Aunty) come visit us in the Pav.  We really enjoyed showing them what Mr. Moran does everyday and they were both so excited to see the amazing way we learn, create and share using our Chromebooks at Pt. England School.  Hopefully, they come to visit again soon!

Showing Grandpa and Aunty how MathsWhizz works.

Singing a special Waiata for our visitors.

Whaea Saf joined us for our Waiata.

Maker Space Weta Hotels

The students of the Pavilion have been working with Mr. Vogt in our MakerSpace to create Weta Hotels that will be hung at Omaru Creek.  Here is Jane's recount paragraph of the procedure they followed as a class when making their hotels.

First, We had to put on gloves goggles & protective shoes. Then we went to go and cut the bamboo with a really sharp saw. After one person finished cutting they they put the saw on the table and give  the other people have a turn. After a while we started painted them black so when we put it in the harakeke it will blend in. Meanwhile Mr Vogt was drilling holes through the bamboo so we could put wire through the hole so we can hang it at the creek so the weta will have some where that bird can't eat them. Eventually we got to put the wire in it was kind of hard because we had to do a not and it was hard to bend.

Here is Mr. Vogt's presentation at the River Talks last week where he shared with those present about our amazing Weta Hotels that are starting to pop up around the creek.

Hanging the hotels in the bush at the creek.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Glen Innes River Talks

Each year, Madd Ave Productions hosts an amazing event at the Omaru Creek right behind Pt. England School.  This year, the students of the Pav attended on Day 2 and we enjoyed the first four stations before heading back to school.  We loved learning more about Kaitiakitanga and taking care of our awa through drama, cultural performances, and informational presentations.

Friday, 3 March 2017

2017 School Picnic

Today, was an amazing day!  The sun was shining and there weren't many clouds in the sky as the children from Pt. England School crossed through the side gate onto the Pt. England Reserve.  How blessed we are (as a school) to be so close to such a gorgeous reserve.  We had a great time swimming, playing sports, eating with our families, hanging out on the beach, singing, and dancing.  Another successful school picnic is in the books, and we are so pumped for the rest of the 2017 school year!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Can We Blog Before School?

Check out these amazing year 4 girls, who came into the classroom this early this morning begging to get their "blog on"!  These girls are each reading a special novel (chapter book) from a collection that Mrs. Moala has put together and they are part of a select group of students who will be blogging at the end of each chapter.

Eva, Oalii and Jayah-May blogging before school.