Thursday, 25 June 2015

WW1 Writing Assignment Projects

Our Literacy Class was given the "Mission" to write and produce a creative presentation with a small group.  We had a lot of fun working on this assignment, and we are very proud of our final products. We look forward to making more creative presentations as the year progresses!

Check out a few of the movies that we created...

Friday, 19 June 2015

Tinkering, Tools, and Toys

This term, the students at Pt. England are studying various areas of Technology.  Our theme this term is "Tinkering, Tools, and Toys." Today, the students of Team 5 spent time working on their group projects.

Check out what the students of Class 4 have been up to!

 This group is working on a life-sized Jenga game for our Yr 7/8 game room.

 Gearing up to build their life-sized Checkers game.

 This groups of girls is working hard on a mosaic using the Pt. England logo and our Year 8 pictures.
Working hard to remodel our Team Common Room Space.
 The boys are working on a model to build new benches for our rugby teams.
 These boys are creating a brand new bike track for the students at Pt. England to use on our bottom field.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

After our digizen lesson with Ms Kyla, we were able to create our own and post them to our blogs.  Check out some of our submissions and click on the link to leave us a comment!

What makes a good digizen? Today in Math Miss Kyla came to talk to us about what makes a good digizen. What is a digizen? A digizen is a online good citizen, and what's a citizen? A citizen is a good person to there own country.

Anyways this photo is a good digizen. The face shows it's a positive person, the bubble is there because they think twice, the shirt represents our school, the arms are shown that they are strong and the arrows show that they are choosing to take the right path and leave good foot prints.


Today in the middle block we worked with Miss Kyla, we were told to make a person on google drawings and explain what it means. So this is my person the things I drew down are curls. a smiley face, triangle, heart and two arrows.

The curls represent what you press on which means you have to be careful what you press on or watch while online, the smiley face represents kindness while your online, the triangle represents truthfulness which means you have to always be true to others, the heart represents love which means you always have to show love and respect to others while you are online and the arrows represents respect which means you have to always show respect towards others.


My nose means that he is a brain stormer.
MY ear's mean That He shows love to the people around him.
my hat means That every one is a nice big star in his hart.

What Makes a Good Digizen?

Today Ms Kyla, from Tamaki Primary, came in to help us with a CyberSmart lesson.  She had us discuss two very important questions:

What makes a good citizen?
What makes a good digizen (online citizen)?

As part of her lesson, she taught us how to create own very own digizens using Google Draw.

Then, it was our turn to make our own digizens.  Check out our blogs to see our very own creations!