Monday, 31 October 2016

Colour Run Super Star!

This past weekend, at the Pt. England Reserve, a Colour Run was held to help promote Suicide Awareness. Our very own Indiana Juggernaut Quist was on a team that came in second place! Way to go Indy!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

PES Olympics

Today was the day! After being postponed a number of times last term, we finally had a perfectly beautiful day for our School Olympics! Here are a few pictures that were taken of our fun today! Our morning started with the school gathering in our country teams before getting instructions. Check out the first rotation sky walkers! Mr. Burt had a crazy idea to make the Olympic Rings and have our drone take a picture. Keep an eye on our blog to see the final product someday soon!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Coke Bottle Explosions

As part of our team Inquiry Immersion Day, students spent time in three different experiment situations.  One of those experiments dealt with Diet Coke Bottles, Mentos and Dry Ice.  The explosions from this experiment could be heard across the school!

Check out Penny's Learning:

Here is one of our explosions from during the day.

Making Bouncy Balls

Today, the students of Team 4 had a Science Immersion Day, which was so much fun!  Students were able to participate in three different experiment settings that explored various physical and chemical changes.  One of the activities that students participated in was following a lab procedure to create a bouncy ball.  Students completed a Scientific Method report during their experience.

Here is Leatham's Report:

Here are a few pictures of students creating their bouncy balls: