Friday, 27 March 2020

Distance Learning: Spelling Test

Today we decided it would be fun to have our own Distance Learning team assembly complete with karakia, mihi and waiata as we would any other day of the school term. It was great to see so many students hop on and join us this morning, especially since it was at 9am!

NOTE: Names have been blocked out because it is not Cybersmart to post last names online!
It was fun seeing some faces that we don't see in our general literacy and maths classes as we spent about 30 minutes together. Mrs. Flavelle from our office staff joined us and administered our spelling test. We completed the test using a Google Form, which allowed our answers to be submitted right away. It was fun to learn that the students with a perfect score will be entered into a drawing to win a special treat once we are back at school.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Covid 19: Isolation Begins

Yesterday, we learnt that there would be no more school for at least the next four weeks as we were placed into a nationwide isolation to help prevent the curve of the pandemic from growing too fast. The students of Team 5 were a bit nervous as they left not knowing what to expect.

Students on our first Google Meet.
However, nerves around Team 5 were calmed a bit when it was realised that the teachers were about 90% prepared for what was to come next. The class site changed a bit and teachers began teaching from the front screen instead of the normal maths, reading and writing pages. Videos were also being posted daily welcoming the students to their learning page.

Perhaps the best thing that happened was on the first day of the student isolation period, the teachers of team 5 were online at 9am using Google Meet to catch up with their literacy classes and again at 12:30 to catch up with their maths classes.

We hope to continue this while on isolation, except during the 2 week school holiday period. However, our students will be provided with our very own Easter Isolation Learning Journey that will appear on our site at the end of the term. This is based on our successful Manaiakalani Summer Learning Journey that occurs each year during the summer holidays.

Team 5 we are so proud of you for putting forth the effort to continue your learning while at home!  Keep working hard and joining in our Google Meets!

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Testing is on!

The students in Team 5 are nearly done with their Term 1 testing and they have been doing a fabulous job! This is a very important time for our students to help us to know if they are in the right learning groups, and to give us teachers a clearer understanding of what our next steps need to be as a class.

Room 1 Literacy students hard at work on their writing sample.