Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Duffy Was Here...

Today, we had the amazing actor's from Duffy Theatre come to Pt. England School.  It was such a treat to see Duffy again and to end our day with laughter and a reminder about what reading good book can do for our lives and our imagination.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Term 2: I Like Your Latitude

Today was the beginning of Term 2 here at Pt England School. We started the day with a school assembly where we learnt what our school wide topic focus is for the term, which is "I Like Your Latitude" and our focus question is "Where in the longitude and latitude is that?". 

We are very excited to travel the world as Year 7/8 students while learning about the 7 continents. We are also exploring how to locate places around the word using longitude and latitude and around our own community using a GPS.

Later this term, we will be coding our very own choose your adventure stories and participating in PES Greatest Race.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Career Guest Speakers

Today, the students of Team 5 completed their Malaga study with some amazing presentations from 3 professionals about what they are doing in their lives and what it took for them to get there. Here are some of the Room 1 summaries of the presentations.

2019 Garage Sale

Every year the students of Team 5 have a Garage Sale to raise money for Year 8 and other fun activities that happen around the Year 7/8 Block.  Here is a little movie to show what happened during our Garage Sale this year.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Attitude Talks

Attitude Talks
By: Donte

Today we had Jannah from Attitude come and talk to us about being good friends. being good friends is to pay respect to other when they are talking to you, like if you are talking to someone that is on there phone that don't listen.

6 friendship tips.

1)Be friendly: being friendly could be as simple as smiling at someone.

2)Be yourself:being yourself allows you to have real, friendship.

3)Be positive:if you are positive you attract positive friendships.

4)Remember the special times:remembering important times in your friends life.

5) learn to listen: paying attentions to others.

6)Remember names:it is important to remembering peoples names because it is respectful.

Garage Sale Fun

This weekend, the students of Team 5 took over our school hall on Saturday morning for our annual Year 7/8 Garage Sale.  The students showed up with some amazing baking for our bake sale.  They also stuck around to help run a number of different booths.  We had some students selling hot beverages (Coffee, Tea and Milo).  There was the bake sale table team who worked really hard to sell the beautiful baking for a good profit...after all we're trying to get out kids to camp!  Mrs. Flavelle had some help selling at her garage sale table, and we sold tickets for our Easter hamper raffle.  Students worked to sell fresh fry bread, and cheese toasties, too!  We even had a sausage sizzle! 

Thank you to all our family, friends and community that came out to help support our students as we prepare for our upcoming Year 8 Leadership Camp.  We had a great day and awesome turnout despite the rainy weather.

Stocking the bake sale table.
Showing off some gorgeous cakes!
The toastie team hard at work!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Hope's Māui Post

During literacy this year, some of the students in Room 1's Paua group read the story Maui.   Students were asked to complete a learning task about how an author uses words to paint a picture.  They were then asked to read an article about the Māui dolphins in New Zealand before writing and recording a VLOG post.

Here is Hope's blog post.  Please check out her blog and leave her a comment.

  WALT: Recognise words and phrases that "show" not "tell".
Task description: We read the book Māui and did a task for it, we had to answer questions and see if it is correct. We also did a show don't tell and we had to show what was happening in the picture and create a different picture by showing it in words. We even created our own task to do and it was related to the book Māui.