Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Hope's Māui Post

During literacy this year, some of the students in Room 1's Paua group read the story Maui.   Students were asked to complete a learning task about how an author uses words to paint a picture.  They were then asked to read an article about the Māui dolphins in New Zealand before writing and recording a VLOG post.

Here is Hope's blog post.  Please check out her blog and leave her a comment.

  WALT: Recognise words and phrases that "show" not "tell".
Task description: We read the book Māui and did a task for it, we had to answer questions and see if it is correct. We also did a show don't tell and we had to show what was happening in the picture and create a different picture by showing it in words. We even created our own task to do and it was related to the book Māui.

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