Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Colour Wheel

Today, after we finished our writing tests, Mrs. Moala brought out the paints that we had mixed together last week, and we were able to paint our very own colour wheels!  It was so much fun, and we were so well behaved!  Surprisingly, almost all of the paint ended up on the paper!

We put each paint colour on a plastic plate to share.

Teingoa, Sauma, Persia and Kharizma and doing a fabulous job!

Exodus T is showing off his final project and Kauri is still working hard!
Some of the finished projects drying on another table.

Kharizma, Persia and Keyana worked hard to create this beautiful painting together!

Class Visitors

This week, we have been so lucky to have amazing visitors in our class!  On Tuesday, we had two fabulous Year 8 ladies spend the day with us! We had so much fun spending the day with Jazelle and Javana!
Jemma, Peni, Tipi, and Bryston were working very hard to learn their reading words.

Jazelle and Javana participated in our Soccer lesson, too! 
On Wednesday, we had some special friends from Class 20 come and colour with us after lunch.  We all read our books together before we went home!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Art Attack: Mixing Colours

During our writing on Thursday, we took some time to explore with paint colours.  Mrs. Moala put two colours of paint into a plastic bag, and we were able to take turns "mushing" the paint around the bag.  We were so surprised to see what happened!

Here is what the bags looked like before we started to mush them up.

Keyana and Alexus watching Kharizma make green using blue and yellow paint.

Persia mixed yellow and red to make a beautiful orange.

Teingoa shows off his bag before he begins mushing.
 Bryston is so excited to see what the blue and red in Teingoa's bag will make!

Next week, we will be using the paint colours we created to paint our very own Colour Wheels!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Football (aka Soccer)

Last week, we were so excited to begin our Football training with our new coach Ben!  However, there was some confusion about which sport we were going to be playing.  Some of the boys thought for sure that we were learning a game like rugby that is called football, but they were soon surprised to learn that Soccer is also called Football.

We loved being able to learn with Class 20 and to make new friends while we learnt from Coach Ben!  We also had a great time learning how to control the soccer ball with our feet using small kicks, and how to stop the ball many different ways.  Coach Ben taught us a fun "traffic" game that he used to help us practice our skills.

This week, we joined Class 20 again to learn amazing soccer skills from Coach Ben!  He taught us to control our balls, and we were even allowed to kick it into a net!  We had so much fun playing a game swimming around the Hall and landing on islands!

Listening to Coach Ben give instructions.

Look how well we put our shoes against the wall without being asked!

What animal do you think we are being?

Check out our amazing skills!

Teingoa is concentrating so hard!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Art Attack! Day 1

This term the students at Pt. England are working under the theme "Art Attack" and Class 24 (Team 1) is going to be exploring the question, "What does the river really look like?"

To kick start our very own Art Attack Class 24 spent some time today thinking about the Pt. England Reserve and the river that runs alongside our community.  Students made mental pictures before sharing what they remembered with the class.  They were then asked to do a pencil drawing of the river.

Bryston and Leah were sharing their work with each other while Teingoa remained focused on his drawing.

Kharizma and Keyana were working hard on their drawings!

Cherish put forth excellent effort in her beach drawing. 
Kauri and Israel were trying their best to recreate the river in their drawings.