Monday, 13 October 2014

Art Attack! Day 1

This term the students at Pt. England are working under the theme "Art Attack" and Class 24 (Team 1) is going to be exploring the question, "What does the river really look like?"

To kick start our very own Art Attack Class 24 spent some time today thinking about the Pt. England Reserve and the river that runs alongside our community.  Students made mental pictures before sharing what they remembered with the class.  They were then asked to do a pencil drawing of the river.

Bryston and Leah were sharing their work with each other while Teingoa remained focused on his drawing.

Kharizma and Keyana were working hard on their drawings!

Cherish put forth excellent effort in her beach drawing. 
Kauri and Israel were trying their best to recreate the river in their drawings.

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