Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Football (aka Soccer)

Last week, we were so excited to begin our Football training with our new coach Ben!  However, there was some confusion about which sport we were going to be playing.  Some of the boys thought for sure that we were learning a game like rugby that is called football, but they were soon surprised to learn that Soccer is also called Football.

We loved being able to learn with Class 20 and to make new friends while we learnt from Coach Ben!  We also had a great time learning how to control the soccer ball with our feet using small kicks, and how to stop the ball many different ways.  Coach Ben taught us a fun "traffic" game that he used to help us practice our skills.

This week, we joined Class 20 again to learn amazing soccer skills from Coach Ben!  He taught us to control our balls, and we were even allowed to kick it into a net!  We had so much fun playing a game swimming around the Hall and landing on islands!

Listening to Coach Ben give instructions.

Look how well we put our shoes against the wall without being asked!

What animal do you think we are being?

Check out our amazing skills!

Teingoa is concentrating so hard!

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