Friday, 19 June 2015

Tinkering, Tools, and Toys

This term, the students at Pt. England are studying various areas of Technology.  Our theme this term is "Tinkering, Tools, and Toys." Today, the students of Team 5 spent time working on their group projects.

Check out what the students of Class 4 have been up to!

 This group is working on a life-sized Jenga game for our Yr 7/8 game room.

 Gearing up to build their life-sized Checkers game.

 This groups of girls is working hard on a mosaic using the Pt. England logo and our Year 8 pictures.
Working hard to remodel our Team Common Room Space.
 The boys are working on a model to build new benches for our rugby teams.
 These boys are creating a brand new bike track for the students at Pt. England to use on our bottom field.


  1. Hi Room 4, I love who you all worked as a team. This could be a good example for when my class goes to technology, on Tuesday...

    Hola :) SPX

    1. We are so glad that you enjoyed our post! We had so much fun last term during our school-wide Technology Inquiry!