Monday, 6 March 2017

Maker Space Weta Hotels

The students of the Pavilion have been working with Mr. Vogt in our MakerSpace to create Weta Hotels that will be hung at Omaru Creek.  Here is Jane's recount paragraph of the procedure they followed as a class when making their hotels.

First, We had to put on gloves goggles & protective shoes. Then we went to go and cut the bamboo with a really sharp saw. After one person finished cutting they they put the saw on the table and give  the other people have a turn. After a while we started painted them black so when we put it in the harakeke it will blend in. Meanwhile Mr Vogt was drilling holes through the bamboo so we could put wire through the hole so we can hang it at the creek so the weta will have some where that bird can't eat them. Eventually we got to put the wire in it was kind of hard because we had to do a not and it was hard to bend.

Here is Mr. Vogt's presentation at the River Talks last week where he shared with those present about our amazing Weta Hotels that are starting to pop up around the creek.

Hanging the hotels in the bush at the creek.

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