Friday, 3 March 2017

2017 School Picnic

Today, was an amazing day!  The sun was shining and there weren't many clouds in the sky as the children from Pt. England School crossed through the side gate onto the Pt. England Reserve.  How blessed we are (as a school) to be so close to such a gorgeous reserve.  We had a great time swimming, playing sports, eating with our families, hanging out on the beach, singing, and dancing.  Another successful school picnic is in the books, and we are so pumped for the rest of the 2017 school year!


  1. March 2017 at 23:15

    what a cool video that you made it me Oalii. we did went to the beach on firday it was very fun there.

    1. Thanks Oalii! I found a new way to create picture slide shows using your google drive and google slides. I'll have to show you how to use it one day so you can take pictures during one of our school events and put together a blog post for our class about it. What was your favourite part of the school picnic this year?