Monday, 6 March 2017

Special Visitors

Today, we were very blessed to have Mr. Moran's grandpa and his wife (Mr. Moran's special Aunty) come visit us in the Pav.  We really enjoyed showing them what Mr. Moran does everyday and they were both so excited to see the amazing way we learn, create and share using our Chromebooks at Pt. England School.  Hopefully, they come to visit again soon!

Showing Grandpa and Aunty how MathsWhizz works.

Singing a special Waiata for our visitors.

Whaea Saf joined us for our Waiata.


  1. What a special day! Mr Moran is very lucky. I bet his grandpa was impressed by the clever children they met.

    Mrs Burt

    1. Thanks for your comment Mrs. Burt! It was a very special day for all of us in the Pav because Grandpa and Aunty were very impressed with our learning and how we used our Chromebooks to access our learning and complete our Create tasks.