Friday, 16 May 2014

What a fun Friday!

 Class 24 had an amazing Friday!  At the school assembly, Exodus and Bryston were welcomed to Pt. England School by Mr. Burt, and they received their cool Duffy School Packs!
  Jemma received our special Duffy "Caught Being Good" Award for her amazing effort when writing and illustrating her elephant story.

After the Assembly, we got to play outside with the Get, Set, Go! coaches from Auckland Sport!  We had a great time learning how to balance, and playing the fun Flies and Frogs, and Pirate Ship games.

Check us out trying to balance without using our hands
or our feet!  Can you think of another way to balance
without using your hands or feet?

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  1. That sounds like a really Fun Friday Class 24! Yes, welcome Exodus and Bryston and well done Jemma for the "Caught Being Good". That "Get, Set, Go" looks like it was a heap of a lot of fun. I hope that you have many more Fun Fridays and you post them onto your amazing blog. :-)