Sunday, 25 May 2014

Amazing KidPix Artists!

Class 24 has been working hard to become the best KidPix artists they can be!  Every Friday afternoon Mrs. Festler comes in to give lessons to small groups, and the students work hard during the week to produce amazing pictures.

Keyana just started school this week, and she is learning to use the paint can to fill in the different shapes Mrs. Festler helped her draw.

Israel and Amelia worked hard to illustrate the story that the students of Class 24 wrote earlier in the week.  They made sure his giraffe had brown spots, four legs and a smiley face.  Then, they added a tail to help keep the flies away!  Can you see the BIG flies in their pictures?



  1. Hi Israel I love the long legs on your giraffe and especially his happy smiling face. Amelia I am so glad your giraffe has such a big tail to keep those gigantic flies away.

  2. What wonderful artists you all are. You are becoming Kid Pix experts.

    I love your work.

    Mrs Burt