Thursday, 31 July 2014

Class 24 Athletes

During Term 3 we are learning what it means to be a champion.  We are also training for our school Cross Country race later this term, and learning how to do gymnastics with our fabulous coach!
We had gymnastics with Class 25 this week.
Look how well we are listening to coach!
Alexus practicing her dismount on the trampoline.

We learnt how to do forward rolls.

Check out Keyana's forward roll!

Coach is giving Sauma some helpful hints.

Team 1 is practicing for Cross Country everyday after morning tea.


  1. Hi Class 24 and Miss Moala,

    What Great People Who Know How to Do Gmastics and Just To Let use Know I Love that Photo

  2. Hey Class 24!
    That looks really fun! Unfortunately, my class doesn't get to do gymnastics but we get to do runs up to the reserve. What was your favourite thing to do in gymnastics? Keep up the good work!