Friday, 22 August 2014

Our Writing Process

Class 24 is becoming amazing story tellers, and they are doing an excellent job learning how to put their ideas into sentences on paper.  Yesterday, Mrs. Moala captured portions of our writing lesson to show how well we are doing.

First, our class "used our own brains" to look at the funny monkey picture Mrs. Moala showed us. Then, we were allowed to "talk with our buddies" and share our ideas about the picture.  After sharing with our buddy, we had a whole-class sharing time.

Monkey in a Field Sharing from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

During our class discussion, Mrs. Moala helped us create a writing web.  The writing web helps us with special words when we are writing our own sentences about the picture.

When we finished writing our sentences, we read them aloud to Mrs. Moala, and she even recorded some of us!

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  1. Hello my name is Angels. I love your story about the monkey dancing. I hope you see a real monkey like your wonderful story.