Wednesday, 20 May 2015

WW 1 PENN Stars

This term, Team 5 has been learning all about WW 1 and ANZAC soldiers.  We were given the "Mission" to create a Hyperstudio animation that included the development of a poppy, and a personal WW 1 monument.  We were also told that we could expand our animation to include other WW 1 aspects, like soldiers and technology used during the war.  Today on PENN, our class shared the animation movies created by Matiu and Johnlee.  Feel free to link to their personal blogs to leave them personal comments!


  1. Dear room 4!
    I like your animations that you have created for world wide to see. Hopefully we can see more of your work even though I am in your classroom. And I will try my best to get into there by finishing of my animations for term 2 so that everyone can also see my work.
    Love your work room 4.
    From Lizara

    1. Thanks Lizara! I look forward to seeing, and sharing, your animation!