Friday, 4 August 2017

Cook Island Language Week

As part of Cook Island Language Week, we had an amazing group of students perform during our school assembly today.  It is always exciting to see our Pt. England students sharing aspects of their cultures with others. In the Pav, we were mostly proud of our sweet Lydia not only for performing beautifully, but also for being brave enough to speak in one of the Cook Island languages to open their performance. However, both Mr Moran and Mrs. Moala had a great time dancing up on stage when they were selected to be part of the "Around the World" dance at the end of the performance.


  1. Hi Room 11,
    That's so cool that you celebrated Cook Island Language Week at school. We wished we got to see a video of Mr Moran and Mrs Moala doing the hula for Around the World. We too, had a short Cook Island item that included the Around the World too.

    Thank you Mrs Moala for video conferencing with us today. It's so great to see you all learning new waiata and sharing them with us too. We all enjoyed ourselves and hope that we can do it again soon. Did you know that it's International Language Week this week?

    From Miss Lavakula and Learning Habitat 1

    1. Thank you for commenting on our blog and the whole pav miss you so so much even Mrs Moala and Mr Moran thank you see you next time by the Pav

  2. hi Mrs lavkula thank you so much for commenting on hour blog we miss you o much and it was fun watching them dance