Thursday, 26 October 2017

Pav Race Day

Today we have been sneaking into the field to race so we could write about the race.So first we had to wait for Mr Moran to let us go line up. So Mr Moran first  called out every signal group at the right time so everyone would not get pushed. So next when everyone was outside we had to put on our shoe or go bear feet.Then when  everyone  was outside we lined up in 2 lines one boy line and one girl line.Then Everyone was ready to sneak pass the class. So first before I lined up I felt nervous so I was shaking with fear but I still had to run for our writing. Then we all walked down quietly to room 17 and sat on the concrete and waited for our turns so first Mr Moran counted each girl and boy. After he was done counting us he spite each girl and told them to get in a lane. So first the others girls raced then

Finally it was my lines turn to run so I stayed normal and went into a line.Then I waited for Mr Moran to clap a weird thing it was like 2 blocks sticked together but not with tape so when he clapped the 2 blocks together I ran as fast as I could and I used all the energy I had left but I did not make

It i did not come 1st or 2d or 3d or 4th but I did not care I tried my best but to me I was close but I did not win and I felt good because I ran and I have not run like that in ages since my leg got really sour for weeks
So then it was the boys turn and they did a great job to me then when everyone was done doing the race it was close to the final race so the girls who won the race had to race each other and then some of the girls who won the othe race did not make it next it was the boys turn and some did not make it

Finally it was the final race girls vs boys the race was called the sprint race next when everyone who was racing  was getting ready then Mr Moran told us a secret he whispered the secret to us and told us that its not gonna be a sprint race it is going to be a crab race so first Mr Moran told the other kids who are going to race and they were like what so also Mr Moran was gonna race with them so even doe he was a bit older then everyone he let some one else do the blocks so

At last everyone was finish racing and the winner was Mr Moran and after that we went back to class to do this writing...see you later.

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