Monday, 25 November 2019

Yr 7 Rainbow's End Trip

On Wednesday 20th November, the year sevens were fortunate enough to visit Rainbow's End. This is a trip that we hold every year, to celebrate the end of year seven, before we come back as the leaders of the school.

We spend the entire day there; we get into small groups with a parent helper and then get to explore the park with them. Here is a promo movie of the trip, we hope it will prepare next years year sevens for the amazing event!


  1. Hi room 1 I love the way you all were listening at the Rainbow's End tip and here is some feedback maybe speak more louder and have a good year in 2020

  2. Hi Room 1 from Point England School,

    I enjoyed watching and reading your blog! Keep up the awesome work!

    From Kain

  3. Hi room 1 I love that you enjoyed your trip to Rainbows End . You all looked very tidy in your uniform to honor that your class is awesome

  4. hi my name is jairus I liked watching you guys hope you have a good day