Friday, 17 April 2020

Good Manners for Good Meets

With Distance Learning sweeping the world, the students at Pt England are so lucky to be able to still gather together every Friday morning for our school assembly.  The only difference is that our assembly is live streamed of course!

Here on Team 5, we really enjoy seeing our prefects during the assembly as they present the weekly korero.

This week, our school korero is Good Manners for Good Meets. This is exceptionally important as we are all using Google Meets to remain in contact with our teachers for various reasons on a daily basis.

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  1. Hey everyone I know it's been a long time since the last time I have commented on any blogs, but I'd like to say a Good job on explaining and setting out a great example on how to use distant learning and what are the expectations. My school in Australia is also doing the same thing. Make sure you guys stay healthy,stay safe, and stay at home.

    Sincere Regards:
    Your old friend