Friday, 19 June 2020

Exciting New at our School Assembly

Exciting News at our School Assembly

Today At  Pt England School There was a surprise from the crowd it was a famous boxer, and a special guest. He’s Name  was Joseph Parker and his sister was amazing . Joseph Parker Had a korero about his career . He had said “ BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” “NOTHING  BEATS HARD WORK” .  When his speech was finished we had a Duffy award . Students from Pt England school ( which is my school) started a Duffy award so  this is when students from different classes got caught being good during the week or this term. Jason Parker and Elizabeth they were Shaking hands to people who were given the Duffy award . Students in my class have gotten rubber bands that say Jeep on it from Joseph Parker and Elizabeth Parker and their special Autograph. This was an amazing and unforgettable experience I had ever had. Thank you for Coming to our school . Thank you so much we really appreciate it.
Joseph Parker gets double boost before fight | issues a stumbling block for ambitious Joseph Parker ...


  1. Wow good i have never seen joseph parker but he sounds cool and amazing keep it up.

  2. Hi my name is Lusia i go to tamaki primary school it will be cool if he came to are school. Your school is so lucky that joseph parker went to your school.

  3. Hi I am Mohokoi and I go to tamaki primary you guys are so lucky to meet a boxer and I love the way you guy were writing.

  4. hey, like your peice of writing also like how you added pictures of joseph parker in ur blog. Good work keep it up :)