Thursday, 19 June 2014

Marvelous Maths!

Class 24 has been working very hard to read, write and count our numbers from 0-20.  Check out all the different ways we are learning in Class 24!

Sauma and Amelia put the numbers 1-20 in order and then counted out the correct number of sticks for each number.  They even sorted the sticks by colour while counting!

 Leah worked very hard to put the numbers 1-10 in order using our new puzzle.

Israel and Bryston were working hard to match the number with the right number of objects.
Persia and Kharizma are such clever girls!  While colouring their maths pages, they decided to sort their crayons by colour!

Peni is working hard learning to write double digit numbers.

Keep up the good work Class 24!  Mrs. Moala is so proud of you!

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  1. Wow Class 24 you must have been busy doing all that maths. Keep up the good work and someday you could be a mathematician in other words a math expert. Also keep posting your great pictures and stories.

    Sincerely Ashlee