Saturday, 7 June 2014

Our Special Guests

Class 24 is so lucky to have amazing guest teachers come in to help us learn during the week!  Every Thursday, we have a special new friend come from Tamaki College to help us learn and her name is Rasil.  Rasil is helping us learn to write our names, and learn our numbers.  She also reads us a story every Thursday!  We love colouring with her, and playing with her during lunch playtime.  

Our other special friend is our new Get Set Go teacher and her name is Coach Stephanie.  She comes to play with us every Friday after our school assembly, and she always teaches us new games to play.  We are currently learning how to aim and throw.  She taught us to point to our target with one hand, and raise our bean bag (or ball) up to our ear before we throw to hit the target.
Coach Steph giving us instructions for our next game.
We played a very fun game on Friday trying to "smash" down the cones when we threw our bean bag!
Sauma and Bryston doing a great job following Coach Steph's throwing instructions!


  1. hi class 24 it me inga i love you learning about some thing by inga .

  2. I liked the 'smash down the cones' game. It looks like fun. :-*

  3. Hi I am in class 14 I love your movie from petesa