Friday, 5 March 2021

Distance Learning 2021 v2

We are now at the end of Week 5 of Term 1, and we have completed our first full week of Distance Learning. We have had heaps of fun learning from home and we have enjoyed our daily Google Meets. Each Meet begins with a karakia (school prayer) and usually one of the teachers lead us in a fun game. Sometimes we have to run around and find things in our home, and other times we have to answer quiz questions in the chat box. It is so fun to be silly and laugh with everyone from Team 3. 

Then, another teacher shares with us our learning for that specific day from our class site. Next, we are able to share the learning that we completed from the day before. Sometimes the teachers give 'shout outs' to students that they have seen working hard from home. Lastly, we are given any updates or reminders from our teachers. Since this is the first year that the Year 4 students are using Chromebooks in class, we are hearing lots of reminders about how to care for our device while we are learning from home.

The best day was on Thursday because we had 49 people on our Google Meet!  The teachers found out afterwards that some students weren't allowed to join our Meet because we had maxed out the allocated number of people. 


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