Friday, 7 November 2014

Group Drawing Projects

Today, we had the opportunity to work in a small group to design, draw, and colour a scenic picture of our choice.  First, we had to sit with our group and decide together what our picture would be.  Then, we worked together, using pencils and stencils, to draw our amazing scenes.  When we were finished drawing, we had another team decision to make.

   We had to decide what we were going to use to colour our pictures with. We could choice either "skinny" crayons, "fat" crayons, or oil pastels.  Of course, we ALL picked oil pastels!  We had so much fun working in our groups, and we even learnt that we could use a tissue to blend the oil pastels together!

Kharizma, Persia and Leah showing off their beautiful zoo!

Kauri and Teingoa show off the amazing garden they created with Sauma and Cherish!

Victoria and Jemma worked hard with Keyana to create this amazing garden and sky picture!

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