Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014

This year, we have been learning what it means to be a Pt. Englander.  This means that we need to have pride and confidence in everything we say and do, especially how we treat others.  We know that it is important to treat others the right way, and not be mean.  We hope you enjoy Class 24's submission to the 2014 Manaiakalani Film Festival!


  1. Hi Class 24,

    I really enjoyed watching your movie "Kinda Mean". I also enjoyed the way Kiyana presented at the film festival. Did you have fun making the video? Thank you for the your video!

    1. Hi Iront! We had so much fun making our video and using Garage Band to record our song! We are so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Class 20 really enjoyed your movie! We liked the hearing about all the nice ways to be kind and friendly! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hello Class 24,

    What a very clever and creative class. We loved your song especially the part where you all were sitting on the blue slide. Mrs. Lal thinks you all look so cute and adorable. Look forward to seeing more movies.
    From your friends, Class 22

  4. Hi Class 24! You put so much effort into your movie, making sure everyone is doing the same thing at the same time! We love the message of your movie and we can see that you are very kind to each other and are great friends. Keep up the great work! From your friends Class 23

  5. Hi Class 24
    I like your movie about not being Kinda mean and instead being Kind.
    Well done Class 24. Great job. From Mitchell

  6. I like the way you get people to not be mean and being kind instead

  7. I like your movie about being kinda mean, And when you said the kind things and the not kind things From Mele And Alizhay

  8. I loved your movie. I thought your movie was fantastic. Really powerful. Keep it up.