Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Thank you Class 21!

This afternoon started out just like any other in Class 24.   We were all sitting comfortably around the room reading our chosen books when all of the sudden there was a knock on our door! Class 21 came to visit us!  Ms. Wild's Class come down to invite us to play a game of soccer with them!  We had so much fun spending our afternoon block out in the sun with Class 21 and we played with mixed teams so we were able to make new friends too!  Thanks for picking us to play with Class 21!  You're the best!
Just enjoying our reading time...

Leah, Cherish and Keyana are great at the Pt. England Way!
Check out how they are sharing their pillow!
Ms Wild led both classes out to a special field that had just been mowed just for us!
(Well, kind of...)
We were told the rules and split onto two teams.

Really!  We are playing soccer not rugby!

Check out this opening kick!

Teingoa is ready to play!
We ran and ran...

until we needed a break!  

Then, we played "Duck, Duck, Goose!"

Our BIG hand for our teachers!

Before we went back inside, we showed our teachers the love with a big high 5!

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