Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Te Taiao o Tāmaki-Rubbish Pick Up

This morning, the students of Team 3 went on a walking adventure to the Pt. England Reserve.  We all met on the back field and walked through our school gate onto the gorgeous farm that borders our school.  After crossing the bridge, we took class pictures in front of Omaru Creek, which is currently drained of water for an environmental clean up procedure.

As we walked further onto the farm, the students of The Pav stopped along the way to pick up the small amount of rubbish we came across.

We quickly emerged onto the Pt. England Reserve and saw that one of our neighbouring horses was at the fence.  It was so fun to be so close to one of the horses we often watch from the school side of our fence.

Perhaps the best part of the morning was when we reached the playground and we were given some time to play with our friends from other classes.  However, the most rewarding was realising how clean our Reserve area was because we picked up such a small amount of rubbish.

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