Monday, 4 February 2019

2019 Has Officially Begun!

The 2019 school year has officially started and the students at PES eagerly entered the school gates this morning ready to meet their new teachers.

Mr Burt began the year with the help of our new Prefects at our First Day of School Assembly. 

It was during this assembly, that the students of Pt England were introduced to our 2019 school year theme: Kia pai te kotahi "Better Together." We will spend the year exploring what this means to us as individuals in the context of a class and team (family), school, community and nation. 

Students will also spend Term 1 looking further into the Pt England Way as we learn how to properly manage ourselves as Pt Englanders. The students of Team 5 will also be spending some time answering the question Ko wai au? while working through the Malaga program.


  1. Hi Room 1,

    My name is sateki from St pius X catholic school.
    I like that that your school season has begun and that there is alot of kids at your school. I want to you ask you what are your perfects. Are they your schools leaders. By the way I really like that you wanted to tell us that your school season has started once again.

  2. hi sateki

    i really like your positive comment about our school thank you for
    commenting on our room 1 school site . Thank you very much and i'm sure you are just like our school to . THANK YOU FOR YOUR POSITIVE COMMENT