Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Room 1 Home Class

We have spent the past two days in Room 1 learning about our space and each other. Once of the first activities that we did was play a game called "People Bingo". We were able to learn so much about some of our classmates and we were also able to learn the names of students we didn't know before today.


  1. Hey Room 1,
    that looks like its a real bingo game like how old people play. People bingo sounds like a interesting game, keep the good work up.

  2. Hi Room 1,
    I like the bingo game you play because it looks like you were all very focused ,
    That is a very interesting game.

    Good work

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  4. Hi Room 1,

    I like the bingo game that told us about it sounds
    very fascinating and competitive. I should try it another time.
    It is a very fun game.

    1. Hello brooklyn here,

      thank you for commenting to room's 1 blog.

      from brooklyn

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  6. Hi Room 1,
    My name is Aaliyah and I am a year 8 student currently attending St Pius X.
    I really liked what you did to get to know each other, I thought that it was a very creative way to learn about your classmates.

    Nice post!

  7. Malo E Lelei Room 1,
    My name is Sia and I attend St Pius X Catholic School as a Year 8.
    This is a great activity for a meet and greet! Though we are into Term 1, I would like to play this game to get to know more about my classmates.

    Great work.
    Blessed Weekend,