Friday, 8 February 2019

Room 1 Garden

Outside of Room 1 is a rather large garden box. We quickly noticed that it looked rather sad and awful earlier this week and planned as a class to make it our project this year.

This morning, before the school assembly, Mr. Vogt came by to talk to Mrs Moala and he had noticed the same thing! 

So, in an effort to loosen the soil and hopefully begin cultivating our own garden, Mr Vogt suggested having some students fill the box with water and cover it.

We will continue to fill it for a few days (or weeks) and hopefully we will be able to see some results soon.  Stay turned to see what happens during the upcoming weeks...


  1. Hi Room 1
    I really like your garden it looks very nice, Also I like how you are working as an team to accomplish this keep up the good work and make your school look very nice.

  2. kia ora room 1

    i like how you were keeping the garden nice and tidy keep it up.

  3. Kia ora room 1,

    I am sateki from St pius X catholic school.
    I really like that you want to keep you nature space clean.
    I loved that you are caring for you school and God's creations.

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  5. Hi Room 1,
    My name is Aaliyah and I am a year 8 student currently attending St Pius X.
    I really like that you are tending to your garden’s needs. I can’t wait to see what happens in a few days.

    Nice post!

  6. Hi Room 1,
    My name is Sia and I'm a year 8 at St Pius X Catholic School.
    I like the fact that you are all actually seem to be interested. I'm excited for the turn out!!
    Keep up the good work!

    Blessed Weekend,

    1. Kia Ora Sia we been working on this since week 1 it was really hard to do but we all had fun my name is Punaiuru and i"m from pt England school this garden was really hard to do thx for commenting